How Lawrence Increased Sales By 700% Within 21 Days In His Purpose-Driven Ecommerce Store


When Lawrence joined the For Good Effect, COVID19 had decimated his main source of revenue for his Organic health and beauty brand – trade shows.
Lawrence pivoted the brand online but was quickly subsumed by tactical manoeuvre hell. He tried every marketing tactic under the sun and made one inch of progress in ten different directions.
But after joining the For Good Effect, Lawrence was able to increase sales by 300% within 7 days, 500% within 14 days and 700% within the first 21 days. Simply AMAZING.
In the video, Andrej Morgan speaks with Lawrence about his experience implementing the program and what it was like working with the For Good Profits team.
Here’s what we cover…
1. The struggles Lawrence faced before joining The For Good Effect Programme.
2. How Lawrence removed “The Luck Factor” from his growth systems.
3. How Lawrence learnt to TRULY understand his customer
4. How taking ownership over business growth has empowered Lawrence
5. .. Lawrence #1 piece of advice for purpose-driven brands…
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Grow A Purpose-Driven Ecommerce Brand

How To Grow A Natural, Organic Or Sustainable Ecommerce Brand From 6 Figures/Year to 6 Figures/Month to 6 Figures/Week.​