How To Compete During The Holiday Squeeze


Why is return on investment on ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram lower during the holiday season and what can you do about it?
Most people assume it’s easier to advertise at this time of year because more people are shopping for products. But this is not entirely correct.
Yes there are more buyers. But there are also more sellers…
And in a Coronavirus-affected world, that has specific consequences for ad platforms like FB and IG.
This blog video shows you how to compete on ad platforms during Holiday Season so you can maximise ROI and crush the competition.
Here’s what we cover:
1. Why Holiday Season may not be as big a deal as you think (depending on your niche)
2. Why ad costs on news feeds rise at this time of year
3. How to visualise the performance of cost per purchase across different times of year
4. Why you must win the Battle of First Impressions to compete during the holidays
5. What to do if acquisition costs are too high on ad platforms
6. How to leverage toll-free sales channels to crush it during Holiday Season 
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