How To Make Growth Inevitable In Your Purpose-Driven Ecommerce Brand


Why does every attempt to convert socially-minded people in your PURPOSE-DRIVEN ECOMMERCE store end in failure?
There’s a good reason. And it’s not because …
– You don’t “get” Facebook Ads
– You don’t have thousands of Insta followers
– You don’t have enough budget to compete
In the world of PURPOSE-DRIVEN ECOMMERCE, it’s not about whether you can execute some millennial fantasy of a viral social media campaign…
It’s about leading and serving your values-driven market better than the competition.
This video shows HOW to understand what your market wants and then give it to them so you can make the world a more health & sustainable place.
Here’s what we cover:
1. How most purpose-driven ecommerce brands take a product to market
2. The product forwards approach: “Who wants to buy this?”
3. The market backwards approach: “I’m here to serve!”
4. Building a messaging machine based on fact and not hearsay, guessing, assumptions and imitation
5. Why agencies can’t get you results that you can’t already get yourself.
6. How Lawrence saw a 700% increase in sales within 3 weeks despite having no prior experience at FB Ads
7. The Market Backwards PROCESS Step by Step
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Grow A Purpose-Driven Ecommerce Brand

How To Grow A Natural, Organic Or Sustainable Ecommerce Brand From 6 Figures/Year to 6 Figures/Month to 6 Figures/Week.​